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Neodigital Art: For the people

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If you’re a regular readers then you’ll know that Neodigital Art is about taking digital images and turning them into art. This image was a photograph that I took while experimenting with different camera settings. I took the photo through the window. I’ve since done some more editing to turn it into a Christmas Greetings image and changed the tint and added a message.

Neodigital Art

Willow Note

To create Neodigital art here, I have simply added a frame to my picture. If you look carefully, you’ll see it’s the same picture that I’ve edited.


This is the Public in West Bromwich, which is supposed to be a 21st century art gallery. It cost about 70 millions, that’s over $100,000,000 for the benefit of our American readers. There are pictures on the wall, but would they look better on a plain wall that highlights them and not the ‘iconic’ design of the gallery. I think it’s a narcissistic waste of money. There were some good ideas though, that ramp with pictures going up the ramp was a good idea. It looks a bit slippy for a wheelchair though…


The same mentality extends outside. The place is huge, I only photographed the downstairs. If you’re wondering why there is a 30 sign in a pedestrianized area and why the kerb sticks out in the road like that. That’s to slow down the cars that aren’t supposed to drive through anyway…

West Bromwich Library

Maybe I’m getting old but I think West Bromwich library looks more distinctive than the Public. It’s lasted well so far and  should last many more years. It was quite busy for a Sunday, cars kept coming past as I was trying to take this photo. West Bromwich has a multimillion pound bypass too.

The Public has had open art exhibitions and those are a good idea. The purpose should be to promote local art and serve the community. West Bromwich is part of the Sandwell Metropolitan area and so it should have served Sandwell. Not the whole region and definitely not London, but they wanted to make it a ‘regional’ arts centre and attract people from more affluent areas. Like themselves perhaps? Neodigital Art is for the people, not the narcissistic elitists. 

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