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Neodigital Art | Good light–Bad light

edited Version

The light was really good at the weekend for photography and I didn’t manage to take advantage of it. Good light brings problems, but not as many as poor light. Light is photons, little bundle of pure energy that bounce around everywhere. In good light you get the photons bouncing off your subject and into the camera and that gives you the picture. You also get some photons going in directly and this gives the pictures a less clear look, you can improve it with editing. I didn’t have that problem on Monday, the light was really poor and it was going to rain! I can still edit my photographs to improve them. The picture above was after editing; I made the picture lighter.

Poor light

the original

This was the original picture, very dark and dismal. It turned out darker than it should have been and so by lightening it, I get closer to what I saw through the viewfinder. I took a few photographs in this park but the light was so poor none of them are very good. I shall however go back on a better day and take this shot again. This picture can also be converted to sepia or black and white, after editing using Windows Live photo gallery.



This is a the sepia version and I think it works in a park where there is nothing to betray the fact it’s a modern photograph. It looks Victorian and makes for an interesting photograph. What do you think?

Black and white

Black and white 

It’s also worth checking to see what it looks like in black and white. In Windows Live photo gallery this is easy because it will convert it when you hover over the icons at the top of the screen so you can see what it’s like for a second. I think I like the black and white better than the sepia.


edited Version (2)

This picture looks the same as the first one, but look carefully and I have increased the ‘highlights’ to make the trees at the back silhouette against the sky. It gives some contrast in the picture.

There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page. Please comment, which version of the picture do you prefer? The photograph was taken in Red House Park, nr Birmingham, England.

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