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Neodigital Art | Ice and snow


The snow pictures that I took, all look good. If the sun is quite bright, lots of light is reflected off the snow and you get this blue effect to the photo. You can add a little blue to the picture, if it’s ‘too white’.  The snow will also reflect light from street lamps, but the pictures will be quite dark later in the afternoon.


Both of these photos are of the Milky Pool. It was cold and the snow quite deep getting to the pool and I didn’t walk around to photograph the heath on the other side.


Less than a mile down the road from the Milky is the Manor House and so that was my next stop. These are Christmas card pictures and you can add words using PhotoScape quite easily to the bottom of the photo.


This is another picture with plenty of room for text across the bottom. This little footbridge is across the River Tame. You could add some text on this photo across the top too.


I’ve taken this photo lots of times before all through the different seasons, but this is the first time the snow has been so deep. The sun was quite bright and reflected well, giving the whole picture a blue tint.


I’ve been meaning to photograph this bridge for a long time but couldn’t find anywhere to park the car. This disused canal is quite wide and runs down to a heath. There is a sculpture and an ornate fence where the canal comes to an end. In the opposite direction, there are sculpture on the canal bank too and a place where the canal boats used to moor. There is an old railway tunnel close by too, I can explore and look for that, when it’s not so cold. Yes, that is ice on the surface of the canal!

Please comment and share your thoughts. Would you like to explore these hidden places? Do you have interesting and hidden places where you live?

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