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Neodigital Art | Inspired

Damien Hirst

On Sunday I went to the New Art Gallery in Walsall to look at some works by Damien Hirst and others. This was one of his better pictures! I try to create art with digital devices, Damien Hirst favours a chainsaw and formaldehyde. There was works by more conventional artists on display.

Damien Hirst - Sheep in formaldehyde

This is the sheep in formaldehyde, at least he didn’t chop it in half with a chainsaw. It did attract attention, some people studied it closely. When you take photos like these. I am told you should ask permission, but no gallery staff approached me or asked me to take any special precautions. I did know that I shouldn’t use a flash though, because constant flash photography would fade the exhibits.

Damien Hirst - butterflies

This picture was a disappointment. Art is a matter of opinion, but I thought they were too reflective. I like the butterflies as a subject though. I have taken photographs of butterflies though, beautiful creatures…

Walsall Art Gallery

This picture was more my taste. There was quite a lot I liked after my initial disappointment. The gallery is a little bit like a maze, but it’s different.

Walsall Art Gallery  - Damien Hirst

All these photos were taken without a flash and so I edited all of them. Indoors you have quite low light with light in places streaming through the windows. You have to take the shots carefully and then edit to get the best results.

Walsall Art Gallery wharf

Outside the art gallery, I had a go at creating my own art. The gallery is on the waterfront making good use of the canal. There is a waterfront bar with benches outside that you can see in the background in this picture.


I took this photo a little later in the afternoon. I doubt if Damien Hirst would rate this as art and it’s unlikely to ever hang in the gallery. I did photograph a couple of sheep, but they didn’t look quite so ‘cute’ as the one in formaldehyde. I also photographed where the waterwheel of the watermill was located on this river many years ago. I had a good afternoon out combining art, nature and history. All for the price of a few litres of petrol!

Please comment, which picture do you like best? What do you think of the dead sheep? Do you want one? Me neither…

Special thanks to the council tax payers of Walsall, without whom today’s blog wouldn’t have been possible.

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