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Neodigital Art | Merrion’s Wood

MERRIONS 2012 089

Regular readers will know that the photograph that I had in the finals of a contest last year was taken in Merrion’s Wood. The light can be very difficult in woodland because it can be dark. You can see in this picture that the sunlight was bright, but he trees cast shadows.

MERRIONS 2012 218

This is the lodge and the entrance to the woodland. For the benefit of local readers, that is the Birmingham Road out of Walsall, close to Great Barr. I parked in the layby and that pathway to the left of the lodge is Beacon Way. You walk up there about 100 yards until you see a small bridge across a ditch. Cross the bridge and it’s like an enchanted wonderland. Watch out for fairies!

MERRIONS 2012 196

You come to this bridge, that can be quite slippery and so wear suitable shoes. You can see the woodland is becoming quite magical here, but if the sun is shining it gets even better. You need to visit at this time of year, not when the leaves are falling. You also need the sun quite high in the sky or it’s too dark with shadows.

MERRIONS 2012 093

Now you are beginning to see the magic of Merrion’s Wood. The light shining through the trees and that little bridge leads to steps into the woodland. You can go looking for fairies!

MERRIONS 2012 103

Is this where the fairies of Merrion’s Wood sit and have picnics? The plant life and the water that appears to come from nowhere (maybe a spring?) make the woodland here unique.

MERRIONS 2012 140

I can set my camera to shoot continuously, what we call paparazzi mode, so I used that to try to capture the constantly changing light. You can see why it looks enchanted, the light was shining through the trees.  The light kept changing and I kept taking pictures. On Sunday I took 301 photos, I did delete a lot but still have over 250 that I’ve edited and will be using those in future blogs.

MERRIONS 2012 121

Those steps go deep into the woodland. It’s worth crossing the bridge and going up the stairs to explore. Watch out for fairies!

I have a lot of people see my photos and want to come to England and see for themselves. Merrion’s Wood is definitely worth visiting but few local people do. They do have groups that help by picking up litter and try to keep it tidy. I didn’t see any litter, the biggest nuisance is dogs and their owners, especially when the dog goes in the water and disturbs the algae on the surface.

Pretty place though, the Black Country! There are more amazing blogs on the home page. Please share with your friends on Facebook and comment!

2 Responses

  1. Amazing. This might be my favorite collection of yours, though you have so many amazing images that I might be wrong on this.

    I wish I had seen these before I moved away from England, I definitely would have dropped everything and headed straight over to Merrion’s Woods. Though I suspect I may have been disappointed. Perhaps your artistry enhances the surroundings?

    I want to sit on that bench and enjoy my surroundings. That must be such a peaceful place.

    I really appreciate these images, Mike. I have pinned them on Pinterest, I hope that’s okay with you. 😉

    You may want to add a Pin It button to your blog so others can spread the word about your wonderful works!

    July 18, 2012 at 04:54

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Other people have photographed Merrion’s Wood and made videos and so it is nature. You do have to get the shots right though. As we wandered in to that area, the water had been disturbed and it didn’t look so good. Then further in I saw the light shining through the trees and changed the setting on my camera to get as many shots as I could with the changing light. It is also a little awkward walking out onto the middle of the bridge to take a shot!

      I’ll have to find out about a pin it button. I have one on my tool bar. I changed the comment box and seem to have lost Commentluv. I tried to change it back, but I’m not sure how. These updates don’t always work! People are supposed to be able to log in with their Facebook account.

      Thanks as always for commenting and sharing. I was disappointed with the readers I had yesterday. It is very slow building up readership.

      July 18, 2012 at 08:45

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