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Neodigital Art | More diverse editing


The weather has improved a little now that we are closer to summer. I took this shot on Sunday and it was quite sunny. Notice how I’ve used the trees to add depth. I didn’t edit much, I just added some contrast.


This shot was supposed to be of the river with millions of flowers on the banks. This turned out to be the best shot, because the tree gives the picture depth.

 Cambridge 2

This photo was taken by Fei, an International student at the University of Wolverhampton. She took this on a day trip to Cambridge. I converted it with the coloured pencil option on PhotoScape. The grass then looked too green and so I used the grey scale option. I think it’s quite artistic. I like the patterns.


I used the coloured pencil option on this picture too. Carolyn over at Wonder of Tech sent this one. The tree is interesting and we have patterns, I think it would have been better if the tree had been in the foreground of a landscape. Seeing this through the viewfinder, I would have stepped back or zoomed out.

Zillion 2 Zillion 3

Your can also add text to pictures. These are not good examples, the red is a little too dark on a black background and the blue is a little bright! Whatever fonts you have on your computer can be used. Adding text is good for info-graphics, cover pictures on your Facebook Timeline or even adverts. If you have a small shop, you could take a photo of it and then add text telling customers the contact info and address. You tell the customer not only what the shop looks like to help them find it, you tell them the contact info too. That would work as a header on a Facebook page or as an advert.

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