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Neodigital Art is about using digital devices like cameras and scanners to produce art. You can also use a graphics tablet, but I like to keep things simple. This is a socially inclusive school of art; as well as being a little exclusive! Anyone can join, so long as they are inspired. Some of my readers like tips on the photography and so what do you think is wrong with this picture? I think the horizon is too high in the picture. I often try to get it in the middle of the vertical field of view, but when I took this shot, I was trying to get the ducks on the picture!


This is a different lake, Forge Mill lake in Sandwell Valley. I like this picture better because it has the land in the foreground and the tree to give depth, then the lake, then the trees and finally at the top of the picture; the sky. If I was taking the shot again, I would take a few steps forward but keep the tree in the shot!


The horizon is lower in this shot and all I have in the foreground is the back of that sign, but it seems to work. The sun was high in the sky and to my left.


This is shooting with the sun behind me and it’s a lot brighter. It seems to reflect very brightly off the path. That’s the river on the right and you can just about make out people having a picnic by the river.


When I took this photo, my subject was the chicken shed, but now I’m wondering about the building in the background. The windows are unusual, could that have been the original mill of Forge Mill Farm? I get quite interested in the geography of the places I go, the history and sometimes, even the geology. We have found volcanic shale in some of the places we have been. Some people think this isn’t art, but after a couple of days wandering around places like Sandwell Valley, heaths, along the river and walking the canals in the sunshine. I don’t really care what people think! I only have one picture exhibited and that’s in  the local hospital, but people like looking at the pictures. Art is about aesthetics and appreciation. I did alter some of the pictures from the past few days to try to get something more ‘artistic’, but how can you improve on nature at it’s best?

There are more amazing blogs on the home page. If you are interested in art, maybe you would like to check out this site that I discovered this morning – 

3 Responses

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  2. Hi Mike, I like the format of the first picture where you asked the reader what was wrong with the picture. I didn’t find anything wrong, lol!

    I like the chicken shed shot, I found that fascinating. I’m glad you mentioned the windows in the building in the background. I wouldn’t have noticed them otherwise, but they are very interesting!

    Thanks for the weekly tips, Mike. I may just improve my photography skills someday!

    June 2, 2012 at 20:35

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    The shot I always want at Forge Mill Farm is of a hand cart because they are so rare now. People are always in the way though! The chicken shed was OK, but the chicken was sheltering from the sun! I shall take a closer look at that building next time, it’s unusual around the other side too. I took some photos with a wooden post in the foreground for depth, it didn’t work at all. It was too boring compared to trees or even a farm fence.

    I just found out there is a Jubilee concert, I think it’s Tuesday. They said 5 billion people around the world will be watching on TV, so maybe you’ll watch out for that!

    Thanks for visiting and the tweet!

    June 2, 2012 at 21:31

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