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Neodigital Art | Progressing towards art

Sandwell 005

I walked along a bridle way in Sandwell Valley on Sunday. Taking this picture, I was shooting towards the sun and there wasn’t a lot of sun. The sky was white and cloudy.

Sandwell 007

I think this picture looks interesting on the black background. There are two bridges almost side by side both taking the roads over the river.

Sandwell 010

This is a little farther down the bridle way and although it’s an urban area, Sandwell Valley is an oasis of countryside. There were very large bulls in the field over the river, you just have to ignore all the electricity pylons!

Sandwell 036

Things looked different on the way back and I tried a different shot of the bridges. I have depth with the modern bridge in the foreground to frame my subject which is the bridge with the arches. The fences along the side of the river give me the depth.


This is the same picture, cropped from the top and colourized with Smoothdraw 3. I have made it monochrome with a subtle greenish tint. I like it! I think this picture would be viewed as art and it’s another picture for my collection that I would use if I was offered a exhibition. I think it looks even better on a black background.

There are more amazing blogs on the home page. Fancy joining this Neodigital school of art? Just take some photos, try to do something artistic and if you get a picture that looks great; attach it to an email and send it to me. I will use any good pictures and attribute them with a copyright notice to you. You could become famous on a zillion ideas!

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