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Neodigital Art | Retaking the shot


Woden Lake Wednesbury


I took this photo of the lake in March of this year. Is it worth going back and retaking the shot? All today’s pictures were taken fairly close to my home. You don’t have to travel far, you can go back to places you’ve been before to explore further. The light changes with the weather and the seasons, so you keep on getting different shots. Even the time of day makes a difference, dawn is very different to dusk.

Lake on Monday 017

This was a similar shot in April and the light was poor again but you can see it is greener.


This was the Milky pool in May and I thought the light was better. Still very white but it reflected well of some of the colours left from winter.

Sandwell Valley and Milky 015

By June, the Milky was looking much greener, but then the rain started! It’s been raining ever since.

July first 006

Things are much greener by the lake now, especially after all that rain. The greens are darker too and so not reflecting so much light. Normally we would have more light, but with the dark skies and rain it makes photographing this scene difficult.


This was the lake last August (2011) and you can see what a difference the light made. It was sunny that day, but we did have rain in August too. I think it is worth going back to the same places and taking the same shots at different times of year. It is also worth going back to try different shots with different angles, so we don’t have to travel to far for an afternoon of photography. The lake is just over a mile away and the Milky pool is more or less around the corner from there.

If you have a digital camera, it might not have as many settings as mine, but I don’t use most of them usually. I have it simply set on landscape most of the time, so you can take decent landscape pictures and edit them to a reasonable standard. I would need a better camera with more definition to do portrait photography like weddings, but my camera is good enough for what I do. If I accidentally drop it in the canal, it won’t be a major disaster either! You can find more amazingly interesting blogs on the home page. Please comment and tell us what you think…

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