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art sketch pub

I’ve gone really artistic this week with a picture of a pub. It looks old but if you look carefully there are television aerials on the roofs of the houses! Look really carefully and you can see a satellite dish. What did it look like before it was edited?


Yes, it was red with a big white satellite dish! I imported the picture into Fotosketcher turned it into a sketch and then edited with Windows Live photo gallery to get rid of the satellite dish. I also used MS Paint to remove the lamp post and then Live photo gallery to add a little more contrast and convert it to sepia. 

A Sketch of lake


This sketch of the lake is fairly artistic and could be nice framed. You can double click on these pictures to see a larger version of them and even download them if you would like a print out.

A Sketch of the road

I think the technique suits this picture particularly well because we have the man made road contrasting with nature and going away into the distance.

The Longhorn

I think the technique suits buildings better than nature and this is another photo of a pub. That would look good in black and white or sepia and again would look really old but the cars spoil the illusion.

There are more amazing blogs on the home page and please comment and perhaps follow this blog. You can download Fotosketcher for free.


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