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Neodigital Art | Sometimes, we have to get lucky


I took this shot a number of times, in the opposite direction, but this one seems better. Would it be better symmetrical? Would it be better zoomed in more? I tried all the different options and this one seemed the best!


Regular readers will know this is the ‘Sanna’ in Moorcroft Wood and I needed to be lucky getting these shots because this is from the canal side and so a longer walk through the woodland. You have to be careful too, that’s quite a steep drop! I think these pictures are important because the water is drying up; this might be as dry as the other pools that have no water left, by next summer.


I was lucky to get shots of these narrowboats and so this is another case of doing your best in bad light because you might not get another chance. I did go back the next day to try to get better shots earlier in the day when the light was better. The boats were gone, they only stayed overnight.


I took some shots from the top of the bridge and then ventured down on to the tow path for closer shots. The sky was very cloudy and you can see the way the light reflected from the white sky onto the boats and gave reflections in the water.


This tree lined path might look like the English Countryside, but it’s very urban. We went here last week and there was no where to park. The only place we saw was a supermarket car park (Wal-Mart) and that looked full. I checked out Google maps and set my sat nav to take me to a gate in a street around the back of the supermarket and found these paths running for at least a mile.


It was sunny too, but I still had to be careful of shadows and light going straight into the lens of the camera. I had to walk down the path and then turn around and shoot back towards the way I had come to get better shots.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s pictures and will share this blog with your social media friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page.

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