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Neodigital Art: the last post of 2013

Happy New Year

You can do lots of artistic edits using PhotoScape and add words to make a greeting. This one is for New Year and can be sent in an email as a New Year greeting. You can do similar images for other celebrations such as Christmas and birthdays. Using email is cheaper than paying for postage.


This wasn’t a very good photograph, but I colorized it and added a border and now it looks quite artistic. If you’re having a canvas print done adding a border can be a good idea, because the border can be wrapped around the frame and you don’t lose any of the picture. I had a print 30 inches by 20 inches done done as a Christmas gift. It was an artistic edit, so loss of definition wasn’t important. The image was 3000 pixels by 2000 pixels. I think next time, I’ll make it 6000 X 4000, plus the border for greater definition.

1 artistic edit - Loxdale

I took this photo last week and the light was very poor, but the trees silhouetted nicely against the sky. I added the borders to make it more interesting.


This is the same canal, but there is more colour in this edit. You can slowly develop an artistic style as you edit the pictures. Just keep on experimenting.

Wednesbury Oak Loop

Try different colours, sepia works quite well for this picture. I think sepia works for stone walls and older buildings.

Wednesbury Oak Loop Canal

Adding a border and some words changes the image and can help the viewer identify with it more easily. All these canal images are the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal, but this one identifies it. There isn’t much left of that canal now and the section that was in Wednesbury was filled in long ago. Finding scenes to photograph and edit in the Black Country in the middle of winter isn’t easy. You can probably find something to photograph wherever you are.

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