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Neodigital Art | The Oak House

Oak House 003

I went to the Oak House in West Bromwich on Sunday and took photographs. There is always somewhere to have an afternoon out taking photos. The sun was bright and so that presented new problems. It was dark at about 1 o’clock and then the sky cleared and I had bright sunlight. You can see the light reflected off light colours and shadows in this picture. Most people stand in front of the house and get a nice symmetrical picture. You lose all depth then. I have the tree for some depth and the angle makes the house look taller on the left of the picture and smaller as it goes away from us. We have a lot of perspective.

Oak House 004

In this picture you can see the problems with the light more clearly because I was shooting more into the sun around the side of the house.

Oak House 007

Inside the house, I had to resort to using the flash. The windows are very small and although there was some lighting it was dark with bright sunlight coming through the windows. The shot was good because in the kitchen the white walls reflected lots of light. The items around the kitchen added lots of detail to the picture too.

Oak House 016

In this panelled room, it was quite dark. I made this photo lighter in editing, but that makes the table cloth really bright. The window looks quite bright too. It would be better with a pale coloured table cloth. There were other white items around the house that reflected light in the same way and made editing more difficult.

Oak House West Bromwich

In this shot, I have light reflecting from the flash and the window and a white cover reflecting light too. My other problem was the size of the room, it was very small. I tried a shot through the doorway, using the door frame to frame my picture, but it didn’t quite work.

Oak House 058

This shot is at an unusual angle, but it’s quite good because although there is a spotlight in the shot the light reflects well off the white walls and shows the gallery clearly. It’s worth experimenting with unusual angles, especially in a confined space.

I hope you liked today’s pictures. I drive 5 miles to the Oak House, that’s farther than usual! The Oak House is in West Bromwich and there is another Manor House in Hall Green Road.  Both houses are now museums owned and run by the council. Wednesbury museum and art gallery is also worth a visit and a good example of Victorian architecture. There is also a $100,000,000 pink monstrosity on West Bromwich High Street; I haven’t photographed that yet.  Driving down the High street is a nightmare, with kerbs sticking out, traffic lights and no proper street signs. Rant over!

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