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Neodigital Art | The River Tame

Spring flowers 2013 086 edit

Neodigital Art is about editing pictures to create something with emotion. I was quite annoyed when I took this photo, because the sun had gone behind a black cloud. I’ve used colorize in PhotoScape for an artistic edit. What do you think?

This is the original picture (after I added a little contrast) and more colourful, but less artistic.

Spring flowers 2013 086

Which is the most artistic and acceptable? Which one would you prefer to see in a gallery or hanging on your living room wall?

Spring flowers 2013 075

I took this photo off that bridge, there are millions of flowers now all down the banks of the river. Is it artistic because I took a decent photo and knew where to go to take it? I think it’s photography. Art is more, art has emotion attached.

Spring flowers 2013 058

This was farther down river and besides the zillion of white flowers you can see trees and bushes in blossom. Nice picture, but it’s not art…

Bridge 2

I’ve took this shot before, but on Sunday the light was different. I cropped it and again used the colorize option in PhotoScape. This one is more artistic. What do you think, is it art? I’ll do one last picture with a colorize edit – River Tame edit

I like the patterns in this picture. I think it might pass as art. It has a John Constable feel to it…  You want to see the original don’t you?

Spring flowers 2013 079

I suppose it’s a reasonably good photo. It would have been better if the sun hadn’t gone in. I shall probably go back there when the sun is out and in the right position. Incidentally, this is facing North, the sky would have been blue, if the sun hadn’t been behind a cloud.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. In case you missed yesterday’s psychology post, this is my art week. Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing an art exhibition. Come back tomorrow to discover Inca legend and the Pachacuti prophesy and some art that it inspired…

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