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a zillion ideas sunset

This picture is my my cover picture on my Facebook Timeline. On the left of the picture is my profile photo, just underneath where the sun is in this picture. When you’re doing a photo like this, it’s important to get the text in the right place.

Try positioning the text and then upload it. If it’s in the wrong place, click cancel and go back to PhotoScape and move the text into position; then upload it again. You can repeat that a few times until you get it perfect. You might have to resize or crop the photo too.

A zillion ideas

I cropped this picture to fit and added text in the sky again. I tend to stick to the same font for variations on the same theme. You can get a different message across though.


PhotoScape will also do these balloons for speech. It doesn’t have to be a person speaking! Again, the text needs to be in the right position. There is a sidebar on the right in Facebook, so it needs to be clear of that and not overlapping your profile photo, on the left.


When I was writing my blog post on Sunday morning, the sun was shining and the light was perfect for photography. So I planned to photograph this lockkeepers cottage. When I had finished writing, it became cloudy and dark. I cooked lunch and the sun came out again and so I decided to go and take the photos! Then it went dark as soon as I set out. I kept going and took the photos anyway! I’ve photographed this canal before, farther along, but found there was this lockkeepers cottage here. I tried to use the canal and the locks to give the picture depth. It’s a quite atmospheric picture and I think it will look different in Spring. It could be worth going back and taking the same shot in summer too. I was standing on a bridge and I photographed that and the canal going the other way too. There was another lockkeepers cottage farther along the canal, but it was obscured by bushes and trees.


I parked the car around the corner in this residential street. The houses looked interesting and so I took this shot of those too. It’s tempting when you take a shot like this to get closer or to zoom in. The road in the foreground is important, because it gives the photo depth.

What do you think of today’s pictures? Artistic? Please comment and share your thoughts…

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