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Neodigital Art | Unusual shots

July first 014

This shot doesn’t look unusual, I’ve taken similar pictures, lots of times. I was trying to get the tree as a silhouette against the sky and the flowers as a silhouette against the water.  I think it works and is quite unusual. I also have the dark green leaves contrasting against the lighter colours on the left of the picture.

July first 029

The light was bad for this shot and you can hardly see the white building in the background, it blends in with the sky. It doesn’t really matter because the subject is the bridge and I shot it from an unusual angle.

July first 048

This is that same bridge and again an interesting shot and unusual angle. I touched this one up a little to get rid of the graffiti.

July first 054

The sun came out a little for this shot and again it’s unusual; you can see all the graffiti in this shot. This bridge goes across to Moorcroft Wood.

July first 030

This shot is interesting and I have the bridge in the foreground. I would  like to try this shot again with better light. The trees are all different colours and they would look even better in decent light.

July first 043

This shot is really unusual because you can see the main use of the bridge is for a pipe to go across. The bridge is steel but also brick in construction. They ride motorbikes across there, despite the police notices to the contrary. There are more amazing blogs on the home page. Please note we now have Facebook like buttons and so do click like and share with your friends. I need more readers!

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