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Neodigital Art | Using different editing

FotoSketcher - MILKY 042

If you want to create art from your photographs you can use more than one program to change your picture. I used the ‘vintage’ setting on Fotosketcher to make this sepia and age it; then I imported it into Windows Live Gallery to add more colour.

MILKY 042 (2)

In the first picture I cropped a lot of the pipe off. In this one I just changed the colour and I used Smoothdraw 3 for that. That’s a freeware program. You know I never spend money on software! You can draw using Smoothdraw and it works with a graphics tablet.

bridge solarised

There is an option in Smoothdraw to solarise the picture. That is an effect that reverses the colours and makes the picture look like an x-ray. I used the effect for this picture and then edited it again with Windows Live to get a little colour back.

Sketch of the Milky

I did this picture with Fotosketcher and it’s the Milky Pool; it looks quite artistic.

Vintage Milky

This is the same picture but using the ‘vintage’ option in Fotosketcher. The different options and using the 3 different programs gives you an unlimited number of different styles to choose from. You still have to take a good photograph start with though…

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