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Motor Show 065

If you read yesterday’s blog with it’s lovely picture of a Ferrari, you’ll know I took photos of historic vehicles at a show on Sunday. These shows provide a wealth of subjects for photographers. I want my photos landscape (wider than high) for my blogs. That means including a lot more on the photo than the bus in this picture. The other problem was people wandering around and into the shots!

Motor Show 069

As you can see from the rain drops on the car in this picture, we also had dark clouds and showers on Sunday. The light made the photography difficult. The light was reflected from the highly polished vehicles though and I was able to improve the photos in editing. I wasn’t too fussy about getting people in the shots. I wanted to photograph as many vehicles as possible in the time.

Motor Show 071

This coal truck was a real work of art and an inspired advertisement for the business. What a great idea, to paint a coal truck white!

Motor Show 082

Besides showing off their beloved vehicles many were trading in vehicle related goods. You could buy miniature and toy vehicles to take home with you. The traders seemed a little down with the weather but making the best of it. I bought a tyre pressure gauge!

Motor Show 090

The owner of this vehicle came prepared for the weather. I put some photos on Facebook on Sunday evening and I think this one was the most popular. There was some sun breaking through the clouds by the time I took this.

Motor Show 162

The sun came out later and you can see the light reflecting off this orange Ford Capri. You can also see the shadows which can be a problem in late afternoon. It was about 3:30 pm, when I took this.

Motor Show 166

You can see how the light had changed by the time I took this shot. There are also some dark shadows. Getting part of another Subaru in the shot doesn’t seem to detract too much from the main subject. I was rushing a little because the sun kept disappearing behind a black cloud.

I took the photos with a Fujifilm Finepix 5600S and the blog was written with Windows Live writer. I also added the copyright watermarks with Live writer. Photo editing was done with Windows Live photo gallery. I mainly added highlights, made the dark picture lighter and added contrast. Publicity will be done via Facebook, Twitter, MSN and Pinterest.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I have lots more vehicle pictures that will be used in future blogs. There are more amazing blogs on the home page.

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