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Neodigital Art | What is Art?


Pictures were drawn by early man, on the walls of caves with whatever he could find. The earliest pictures were probably done with chalk and maybe charcoal. Some artists still use charcoal. Artists tend to be avant garde, the advanced guard, exploring the new frontiers. They search for new ideas and new mediums.

Now we have digital devices to capture, create and manipulate images with. My picture today is of the local Manor House. Art was very different when that was built, but the ideals of the time show in the design of the house.


Art is now kept in art galleries like this one.  You can just about see Damien’s Hirst’s sheep, pickled in formaldehyde, in the foreground. Is that art? Andy Warhol said, art is whatever you can get away with. I don’t really subscribe to that view.


When I returned home from the art gallery on Sunday, I saw two ducks on my driveway and so I photographed them. Yes, I can get away with using this picture today. But is it art?


This is a photo that Carolyn over at a wonder of tech sent me. Would this look out of place in an art gallery? I think not.


I spotted this picture in the art gallery. I like it. That alone, makes it art…

Please share your thoughts on art in the comments box.

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