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Neodigital Art | White skies

Tipton 002

We have had lot of rain in the past few weeks and even when it stops the sky is either grey or we have a white sky. In this shot the sky was white and so it reflected white off the water. In some shots, I have white sky, a band of green where the trees are and then another band of white with the water in the foreground. When I took this shot I put some grass in the foreground and broke up the white sky with a tree in the foreground.

Tipton 035

I had a similar problem with this canal picture. I’m fascinated by that bridge in the distance, the end seems to go to the top of a wall. There is a very unusual wall on the one side; I must go back when the light is better and investigate.

Tipton 051

This is the wall on the one side of the canal. It has a little balcony at the end and look out points along it. I need to go back and take another look and try to figure out what it was used for.

Tipton 048

This is what I went there to photograph. The locks are really unusual there.The white sky is broken up a little by the tree and it also gives the picture depth.

Tipton 044

Here you can see the two locks, side by side. Locks are for moving the narrow boats from one level to another along the canal. Where the canal goes up a hill there is often a series of locks.

Tipton 102

All the colours have changed now and we have deep green trees after the rain. We need some sunshine now because these colours absorb the light rather than reflecting it like the winter colours.

I hope you liked today’s pictures. There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mike, I missed these photos earlier. The White Skies really do have an impact on the photos. It almost seems to add light, even though those days were cloudy. I imagine shooting with white skies can be very challenging!

    It’s funny, in the fourth picture the bridge ends up looking fake, like you added it in. I wonder why.

    I like the brick bridge with the balcony. Did you ever find out what that was for?

    August 21, 2012 at 03:12

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I remember that little bridge well. It looks like it’s resting on the tow path at the other side of the canal; it’s not! There is a gap between the bridge and the tow path. That caused me problems, I get nervous near water and the sound of water makes me even more nervous. I froze when I saw that gap and the lock was emptying and so had the loud sound of running water too. I managed to cross because if I hadn’t I would have got soaked by the rain!

    The brick wall with the balcony, was strange, there is one on each side of the canal with a walkway up to the top and then a high bridge across the canal. I assume so the boats can pass underneath. I think it was built like that because they didn’t have room for the usual style of bridge. When we went back there, there was narrow boats!

    August 21, 2012 at 10:16

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