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Neodigital Art | Winter pictures

Merry Xmas 3

This week  I’ve  started with a picture that might take a little more time to do. I took this picture a couple of years ago. I shot it out of the window; it was cold out there. I gave it a blue tint and I’ve stretched it a little by resizing it; then made it suitable for use as a header for my blog. I also gave it a frame using PhotoScape.

You could do a picture like this for the header on your Facebook timeline, it doesn’t have to be a snow picture. A winter picture will do and then add Merry Christmas on the right hand side of the picture. Remember that your profile photo will be on the left, overlapping the picture.


I could see two pigeons perched on that branch all morning. I got my camera and one flew off! I added the balloon and text with PhotoScape. You position the balloon after you  have done the text (and then resize the balloon).

All Saints 012

Yes, new photographs! The rain stopped and I actually took some photographs on Sunday. The sun gave me good light for a while, but even at midday, the sun is still low in the sky. By 1:30, I was ready to give up because the light had gone.

All Saints 033

You can see on this picture that there was still frost around even in the afternoon. It had warmed up, it was about 7C when I took this.

All Saints 073 EDIT

I’d lost the light by the time I took this photo. It was dark in the churchyard and quite spooky. I was concentrating on one shot and people wandered through the churchyard. I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be mad enough to be there in that weather! I made this a lot lighter with PhotoScape and then used colorize to make it monochrome.

All Saints 031

I think this will be a great shot when Spring arrives. The foliage has changed colour and is a lot lighter, that will reflect the light.  It was sunny when I took this, but the sun was still low in the sky. I might have to feed the swans and ducks to get them in the foreground of my picture in Spring!

Please comment, if you like today’s pictures or have a question.

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