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Never mind, its not the end of the world

Woden Road South July 2012 crop

Yesterday was the winter solstice and at midnight Mayan time it was the apocalypse. I didn’t have time for all that, I had internet problems. I found out this morning that one of my problems was Norton fire wall, it was blocking my attempts to log in to my router to see what was going on there. I’ve uninstalled Norton. I went back to using Avast!

Despite my internet problems, I still wrote and posted a few blogs:

Surviving Christmas was yesterday’s post, with reminders of all the nasties that  can happen at Christmas, that are best avoided. If possible try to avoid food poisoning, hangovers, setting the house on fire with a candle and  getting your Christmas pressies nicked out of your car, because you forgot to lock it.

Building and preserving wealth was Thursday’s post and all about saving money by looking after what you have. Just looking after yourself can save money, especially if you’re not paid when you have a day off work through sickness.

The Christmas short story was Wednesday’s post and you can read that short story and even save it to keep. It’s free and has some good reviews. So much fiction now tends to sensationalise events to try to make it interesting. I tried to write a love story that didn’t rely on gratuitous sex to thrill the reader, it’s not 50 shades; but I think it is amusing. It’s a story that you can read to your children or your grandma without feeling embarrassed. There are no profanities or naughty bits. They should read it on the radio, it would be better than that rubbish the BBC put on about someone urinating on his doorstep.

Neodigital Art | Winter pictures had some nice pictures and began with a nice Merry Christmas picture.  If you want to caption your pictures, maybe to use on your Facebook timeline, that has some good ideas.

Preparing your New Year resolutions was Monday’s post about setting goals for the New Year. You could just hope for the best, but positive action might work better. It can be hard setting goals, but I have a few goals I’m thinking about for 2013. I could write about those on New Year’s Eve; now there’s a good goal!

Blogging ideas was Sunday’s post about what to blog about. I did that post early on Sunday so I could go out and take photos. It gets dark so early now, I have to get out there early to catch the light. Today is the first day of the lighter nights, it will get better every day now!

I shall blogging all over Christmas. I’m having my phone and broadband checked today and then I’ll finish my Christmas shopping. Then I can relax and try to write some amazing blogs over Christmas! Please comment if you have enjoyed any of this week’s posts.

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