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New year and so some new plans #ramble

So it’s 2017, I wasn’t expecting to live this long or I would have looked after myself better. Last night my phone said ‘emergency calls only’. I thought maybe the network was overloaded with people wishing each other happy new year. It seems the sim has developed a fault. I have ordered a new one online. My new year isn’t off to a very good start.

new year 2017

Five years old

A Zillion Ideas is 5 years old this month and is now a portfolio not only of my work but how I developed as a writer and photographer. Since 2013 I have been using a Nikon D3200 but my photos were quite good when I was using a bridge camera. I needed a DSLR for events and people to give me a camera that will work in low light and more control over white balance and colour balance. My portfolio doesn’t stop here. I also have a Facebook page for a Zillion Ideas and I have a Pinterest account too. I’m not very active on Twitter and LinkedIn but they add to the online identity too. So where next?

The community

I’ve been taking photographs in the community and I have even done a little writing. I am still helping students occasionally and so that will continue but I shall be seeking out new opportunities. I might even find some that will make me some money so I can buy a new phone! I dropped the one I have trying to take a parcel to the food bank so I do need a new one. I would like one that I can use for Facebook and Twitter more easily. I can tweet Donald Trump every time he tweets something stupid. He will become president of the United States of America this month. Scary or what?


The BBC had a project I was interested in with funding too but I think it was too involved and the brief wasn’t clear. There are always opportunities in life, we just have to recognise the good ones and create a few for ourselves as well. I think I’ll continue to develop my relationship with the local newspaper but there are other publications out there that might use my stuff. I could even look at magazines. I will definitely be shooting more video this year.

Money, Money, Money

Yes, I will have to think about money. Hopefully, some risky investments will come good but I’ll try to use my writing and photography to make a few quid as well. I need to change my car and these smartphones don’t come cheap either.

New year challenge

So the new year will be a challenge, just like every previous year in my life. What’s new? It has always been a battle and in a battle, you can advance or retreat; I intend to advance, as I did last year. There are problems to be solved, challenges to face and there will be things beyond my control that I just have to accept and tolerate. That’s life and this is a new year. I’ll just get on with it. What will you do with your life this year?

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