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picture of a church suitable for newspaper

I took this photo yesterday afternoon of St Margaret’s church in Walsall. It’s a beautiful church and the churchyard is in bloom with spring flowers. I uploaded some of my photos to my local newspaper.

Day off

I try to post a blog every day, but I often have a day off on Monday, that was my plan today until I saw the daily post prompt was ‘newspaper’ and I thought I can write about that and it would be a good keyword for SEO! So I have a little time to spare, actually just an hour, so here I go knocking out another post.


I need to write 300 words to optimise my post for Google. Quality, of course, comes first. I have to make it interesting but my research suggests that a nice picture is of more interest than what I have to say really. People don’t have the time to read stuff or watch videos unless they have nice music, they are way too time consuming. You want to just whizz through the important stuff. Right?


Anyway, the newspaper has only used a few of my pictures so far this year and hasn’t re-blogged a single blog post. They do have their own journalists and photographers, though. We are entering a brave new world now of digital newspapers and magazines and us bloggers know about digital publishing. Right? We do it all the time and all the linking and SEO. Multitask? We can write, photograph, publish and scratch our bums all at the same time. Those print newspaper people can learn a lot from us!


I need a pingback now to the daily post. They have inspired me today to think about my newspaper role and write about it! They gave me a good keyword too!

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