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Newton’s Third Law of motion #philosophy

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The wheels on this tram are going around and pushing backward on the track and so the tram goes forwards. When we want to go from sitting to standing, we push down on the chair and we go up.

In human behaviour, we see reactions that are often equal and opposite. In politics too, when extreme ideology is put into effect, we often see another extreme oppose it.

The force this tram puts against the track isn’t a constant force and as the force increases or decreases so the speed of the tram changes. It is always equal. The forces we see in human behaviour tend to be equal, but there are variations over time. There can be a tug of war and it’s difficult to see who will win, the forces have an equal and opposite reaction but from our perspective that plays out as a battle between two forces. The forces that are equal are the ones between each team and the ground they are pushing against, not the other team where there will be an inequality.

In a tug of war, the force is a collective force and even the weakest member of the team can tip the balance and so produce a win. People who are able to work as part of a team can be part of a unified force and so be much stronger as part of a collective. This is often called ‘people power’.

We are seeing forces at work in politics around the world and where there are malevolent forces at work so the opposite force can also be malevolent and the two forces will pull against one another until there is a winner or both are destroyed. Benevolent forces can inspire people to join together and also be a powerful force for good against a malevolent political power that only exists for power and wealth.

The forces of human nature are also evident in personal relationships and business relationships. The benevolent force may appear to be weaker taking in the weaker members of society and the vulnerable. However, on that never ending tug of war that is the fight against evil, even the weakest member of the team can be the deciding factor that results in a win. The weakest member of the team is often the most inspired and motivated.

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