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Nikon D3200 | Photographing the park.


I took delivery of my new Nikon D3200 last week and it has a a much higher specification than my Fujifilm S5600 that I normally use. You can see from this photo that the resolution is much higher at nearly 25 megapixels. The first photos that I took weren’t so good and the editing was very different.

The Fujifilm S5600 photos needed editing because like many bridge cameras and compact cameras, the photos lacked contrast. The Nikon photos needed little editing, unless I want to do something really artistic or remove something from the photo. I set the camera on the best quality to begin with and the file sizes were 12Mb which were slow to load on the computer. These photos are lower resolution and much smaller pictures, so better suited for a website. I wandered around the park on Sunday and took these pictures in light that kept changing.


I’ll normally give permission if your want to use these photos for your blog or website as long as you include a link to A Zillion Ideas. If you want to use my photos for commercial reasons then contact me. I can set the camera on the largest size and save them in raw too, for large size prints.


I shot this into the sun, I was trying to get the sun shining through a few leaves in the foreground to give the picture depth. The grass looks very green, but we have had a lot of rain and it is very green!


I’m still looking for depth in photos and this one has depth because I had the litter bin in the foreground. The path adds to the depth of the picture.


There is more colour in this shot and I think the camera records the colours quite well. These pictures are of Brunswick Park in Wednesbury, near where I live in the heart of England. It’s a traditional Victorian park, but some of the original features like the pavilion have gone to be replace with multi-coloured playthings and a skateboard thing.

That’s it for today, I’m quite pleased with the camera. I got it at a good price and for an entry level DSLR, it takes good pictures. I’ll be doing some artistic editing and will be doing neodigital art pictures again next week. I took some shots of the super-moon last night with the Nikon and the Fujifilm cameras. The Fuji has a good zoom to zoom in, but the Nikon has the definition and can be cropped. Which will give the best pictures? I’ll have to view and edit them and see…

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