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No they are not TalkTalk.

I had an email the other day, with the above TalkTalk logo at the top and asking me to log in and update my credit/debit card password. It was an obvious scam, but because I use TalkTalk, it got my attention. When you look at the webpage, you are actually downloading it and the picture; but that picture isn’t on my server. I’ve linked to the same server as the scammers did. It’s that easy to do a scam email. I have also had the usual scam emails trying to get my bank details this week.

You can usually hover over links in an email and see where the link really goes to. If you hover over my link to the home page of a zillion ideas. You’ll see what I mean. I also wrote a few blogs this week:

Economics and chaos was about the chaotic nature of economics in Britain and around the world. It seems even the economists don’t understand what’s going on.

Things you might like to try on the internet was tips on how to search for images on the internet and other interesting things that I do when researching blogs.

Neodigital Art | Guest photos from Wales was Tuesday’s blog and  featured photos taken by Simon James. They weren’t all taken in  Wales some were taken  in Staffordshire.

What is customer relationship marketing was Monday’s post by Fairy Dharawat. That was another in the series of blogs to help people interested in small business.

Hiding their inner-most secrets was a Sunday ramble with a psychological angle. If you need to be able to read minds that might be worth reading.

If you get an email like mine with an official looking logo asking you to click a link, always be cautious and check the link is to the right website for the company. There are people trying to get your credit card and bank details, but some links go to websites that have malware like viruses too.

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