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Noddy comes home to Walsall

Noddy Holder at the Manor (92)

Noddy Holder came home to Walsall yesterday to switch on the Christmas Lights at the Manor Hospital. Pete Smith, the Mayor of Walsall was there too. It was one of the kids from the children’s ward that helped Noddy to switch on the lights. As usual, the press photographers were there.

Noddy looked very Avant garde in his cloth cap and National Health style glasses. I’m getting a lot of American readers lately, so I should say that Noddy was lead singer with Slade and their number one record was ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’.

You can watch Slade’s number one hit on YouTube.

Noddy Holder at the Manor  -the Band

This band provided the music and they were very good; maybe they will be as famous as Slade one day.

Noddy Holder at the Manor (54)

Noddy took to the microphone to remind us that he is still a down to earth Black Country lad. I was impressed that he arrived on time and took the time to meet people and appreciate his fans as much as they appreciate him.

Noddy Holder at the Manor (56)

Noddy grew up in Walsall on the Beechdale Estate and remembers his roots despite the fame and the money that goes with it.

Noddy Holder at the Manor (70)

Noddy was happy to pose for photographs with everyone who wanted them.

Noddy Holder at the Manor (106)

There was a craft fair too, throughout the afternoon and I think the young lady on the right in this picture had the difficult job of organising it all. So she deserved to get in one picture!

I also write blog posts on my WordPress blog and there will be more pictures on there. I’ll be writing my usual Sunday ramble on there tomorrow. Please share your thoughts in the comments box and you can follow me on Twitter. Noddy is on Twitter too! Gareth Gates last week and Noddy Holder this week, I think I’m going up in the world. Who will it be next week? Maybe Santa himself!

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