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Normal April showers?

Woden Road South (2)

I took this photo a year ago. I look at the sky a lot now in an attempt to predict the weather. The sky looked a paler blue last year, today it’s been a deep blue with white clouds and April showers. We had a very wet summer last year, are we back to normal now?

Politics, economics and the weather are all so difficult to predict. I don’t think we will ever be able to predict what will happen in politics, but I think we could try to take a more scientific approach to the other two.

Finance Friday | Recession – what recession was yesterday’s post.  How much of your household income is left for luxuries after you’ve bought all the essentials? According to Asda research it should be £155. That’s plenty. You can live on £53 a week according to Iain Duncan-Smith. MP. Especially if your wife comes from a rich family…

Thrifty Thursday | discounts and concessions was Thursday’s money saving blog. I asked for a discount at a vehicle show last year, because it was raining and I got it!  

Mid week moan | Who is to blame? was this week’s moan. Who we should blame for Britain’s problems. What do you think?

Neodigital Art | Getting creative with PhotoScape was Tuesday’s popular neodigital art and photography blog. The weather and the light for photography is getting better and this year I’m using PhotoScape more for editing, so I hope for better images.

Psychology | Friendships was Monday’s post. I read something about being popular. I wrote a note in my notebook, ‘which is more important, to be popular or to be liked?’ I think I might have a topic for next week.

The English eccentric was my Sunday ramble.  I think being an English eccentric is traditional and acceptable. It’s OK to be a little weird, but not to the point of being psychopathic. I think the government’s taking things a bit too far.

Those were this weeks posts and I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble. I have no idea what it will be about, but I’ll think of something.

If you have a topic for tomorrow’s post why not share your thoughts in the comments box?

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