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Nostalgia and the 21st century

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Do you every feel nostalgic and find yourself yearning for a simpler life? We have lots of technology now and people do like their smart televisions, smart phones and smart lifestyles. But is it enough? Are we all lacking something and aren’t quite sure what? Is life just too stressful, too greed driven, too selfish?

We have modern transport and it seems that some people think it’s compulsory to use it. They commute miles to work, regardless of the cost or the environment. I chat quite often with people on the other side of the world using my computer. I have done this morning, but do we make the best use of this technology? It seems to me that people use the technology for trivial stuff like posting what they’re having for dinner on Facebook. They feel a burning need to post ‘in a relationship’, because ‘single’ on Facebook is almost an admission of failure.

Face to face communication on a social level seems to be less, people text each other, post on Facebook and phone each other; but face to face communication only seems to take place at work for many people. Many places like pubs and clubs where people used to socialise in the UK are closing down. The friendly little pub where people played darts or cards and got to know each other, has disappeared and all that’s left are theme pubs that have a wide screen television and cater for ‘football fans’.

We become more technological, but do we become happier? We all try to fit into society, dressing the same and taking our fashion cues from television. I blame television for fake eyelashes, sun tans and tattoos. If the tattoos were fake it wouldn’t be so bad. I might have one, if I could take it off and put it on the bedside cabinet, when I went to sleep.

I often think it would be nice to go back to a simpler way of life and keep chickens and grow veggies. Pop out in the morning to collect eggs and pick some runner beans for lunch. The eggs and runner beans would be worth a couple of quid and tax free too. I often envy people in the countryside who can get free logs for their fires, have rabbit stew for lunch and grow their own.

When I win the lottery, I’ll have a place in the country. I’ll employ people, a gardener to grow the veggies, a chicken keeper, a game keeper and maybe a woodcutter. I’ll be getting all that free stuff, I won’t need to spend the money!

Smile with tongue out

I’m not really a dedicated follower of fashion. I went out the other day and wore my coat because it looked like rain. I thought about the umbrella, but knew I would probably lose it. I did wrap up, wearing my scarf that was knitted for me and 2 yards long. I wore my new cord trilby hat and ended up looking like an eccentric writer, in the end. I didn’t realise what I looked like until someone commented. It wasn’t a negative comment, they said I looked smart. I’m glad I left the umbrella in the car, that would have been too avant garde. That was an old fashioned way to look, but as long as I don’t overdo it; I should be alright.

I don’t think I’ll ever be too trendy. The shorts, sandals, fake suntan and tattoo look; definitely isn’t for me. I don’t like bright colours either, but light colours suit me. I was wearing a blue and white jumper under my coat the other day. I even wear a knitted hoody now, the hood is a bloody nuisance though. I want one without a hood!

If it wasn’t for the fact I like computers and technology, I don’t think I would fit into the 21st century. I like old fashioned things. When I win that bloody lottery, I’ll have my own library  and a librarian to look after it…

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