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Nostalgia on a Sunday #ramble

Tipton canal - nostalgia for a bygone age.

It’s Sunday and so once again I’m sharing my thoughts before I turn my hand to cooking lunch. I’ve been thinking about the days when we had brass bands playing in the park, we read books and listened to the wireless. Nostalgia is all well and good, but we have to look forward and progress.


In the old days, few people had alarm clocks and so in the morning there was a lot of shouting up the stairs to wake people up. I came from a big family… I really hated all that noise in the morning. Anyway, last year I had a student staying with me for a couple of weeks. When she hadn’t stirred by lunchtime, I had to think how to get her out of bed, we had shopping to do. I took my phone from my pocket and called her! Isn’t technology wonderful? It turned out she had spent much of the night ‘phoning’ home, to speak to her parents back in China via Skype. Amazingly, she was also able to call them using her cell phone for 1p a minute. Every time I call someone, I get put on hold and it costs me a quid.

Small world

It is a small world and we should be concerned about what happens to people in other lands. Our sense of nostalgia should be a warning of what can happen when tyrants are allowed to put their psychopathic thoughts into actions. We have seen it many times in our history. Children have been put to death in gas chambers, burnt to death with napalm, bombed in their own homes, shot dead in their schools and there are still children that look for food and water in pools of rain water in villages that are so deprived they are hard for us to imagine. People who have values have responsibilities, the Neanderthals will make excuses and deny all responsibility. This country is rich enough to look after our own and contribute to the needs of our neighbours.

Today’s lead picture was taken on Easter Sunday. That was a wet weekend and we have another Bank Holiday this weekend and this one is wet too. I’ll still go out and take photos, I can dodge the showers.

If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter  for updates. You can find more pictures and ideas on my Facebook page. Nostalgia sometimes makes us think things were simpler and better years ago, but Bank Holidays were wet then too…

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