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Not happy? Me neither #ramble

Yes, it is Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you, once again. I have to hurry up because I am expecting visitors today. What’s on my mind this morning? Well, Christmas is drawing near so I have to think about that. I did a lot of photography near to Christmas last year but I haven’t been asked to do any this year. Perhaps, I’m out of favour? I’m not happy this week.

Great art but I'm still not happy

Bluebells in the Hedgerow

Bluebells in the Hedgerow was my entry for the art competition. It is a print on canvas about 20” wide and it’s for sale if anyone wants a nice artwork for a reasonable price. Please make me an offer! Many people would prefer tat from Ikea on their walls rather than a genuine artwork. Those people who do buy art want art from famous names. Art from people of my age is worth buying because it appreciates in value after we’re dead. That is a good reason to buy from a retiree rather than some young weirdo with a Peaky Blinder haircut and a beard that isn’t mature enough to grow a grey hair. Anyway, I shall be producing more art in 2018.

The 21st Century

I was born in the first half of the 20th century and so I can’t believe I’ve made it to the 21st century. My health has always been bad. I was on my last legs as a teenager. Here I am though and using computers and a smartphone not to mention streaming images by Bluetooth to my smart telly. I can remember when televisions used thermionic valves and had to warm up. Then the picture was dodgy and would have to be adjusted every five minutes. Now we have light bulbs that can be switched on and off with a smartphone and change colour with our moods. It’s all very strange.

Bus Gate

A couple of months ago I had to drive in a bus lane in order to access a disabled car park. The sign said it was OK for access. I got a ticket so I appealed. Apparently, I drove through a bus gate. There is another sign and I should have driven the other way and avoided the bus gate. It was a mistake, but we aren’t allowed mistakes. They don’t discriminate against disabled people though, do they? Anyway, it seems I am not alone because the bus gate has raised over a million quid in fines for the council. They also hand out parking fines for trivial things like being just over the white line when you park. Everyone hates the council and it kills the community cohesion they claim to want to foster.

Not happy

So I’m not happy this week. You will probably say, me neither and you will probably lay the blame on some politician or another person who has too much power over your life. We all moan about the little things like speed humps and bus gates and parking tickets and people who are just plain stupid. These things aren’t serious.  Cancer is serious, but all these little things add up to make life miserable. Many of life’s irritations are avoidable with a little common sense from those in authority.

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