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Community photography

Not simply black and white #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’ve just done the 64 Million artists daily challenge. That is twelve I’ve done now and I haven’t missed a day! Yesterday, it took a while to come up with something good. I ended up with a photograph of the ivy in my garden which I took in monochrome and then tinted it. Monochrome doesn’t have to be black and white. Life isn’t all black and white either and we have to learn to appreciate the finer nuances. People who pin their colours to one political party for life or one cultural stance tend to be bigoted. You can pin your colours to what is right rather than what is wrong but even the differences between right and wrong can get blurred. Is it stealing if you help yourself to something to eat in order to avoid starvation?

not black and white

Pink Ivy

I think my pink ivy picture is quite artistic but art is something else with lots of variation and subtleties. Art isn’t all black and white, it varies from fine art to outrageous impressionism.

The light

I am a little obsessed with the light. I want a good light to take photographs and I think all we will get today is rain and dark skies. Of course, for some photographs a dark sky can be an advantage but I prefer bright images that cheer people up. I leave the graveyard pictures to people with a more negative view of life. I’m still going out today and I’ll hope for a break in the cloud. I can at least stock up on beer in case the weather gets even worse. I would actually welcome a sprinkling of snow, that at least reflects lots of light!


With a Tory majority in the Commons, we have little political uncertainty. I think the government will play safe or lose the northern votes next time around. They will continue their cuts but pick on minorities and not the majority. Cuts in corporation tax will at least give the appearance of the economy doing better and benefit cuts will lead to more zero hours contracts and so lower unemployment. Soon every worker in the country will be delivering for Amazon. It could be worse, we could have Corbyn as Prime Minister! We now have to see who will replace him. None of the candidates seem qualified to lead a major political party. Yvette Cooper should have become leader.


I’m starting to favour the idea of communitarianism which should not be confused with communism. I think we should all recognise that we have a responsibility to the community and work together to forge a community identity based on ideas of equality and working together. I think our community leaders have a sense of communitarianism and favour that approach but there are deep splits based on past history. I have noticed one agitator tweeting and tagging the council leader and other community leaders who now includes me as someone he wishes to influence. I wouldn’t describe myself as a community leader but I have a little influence. Life isn’t about making black and white decisions we all need to be tolerant and pragmatic and consider what’s important to us collectively.

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