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Now what was my backup plan?

Sam's dream and my backup plan

This is a weekend of celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday. I photographed this event yesterday which went well until the heavens opened. I’m getting to be quite a good sky watcher and weather predictor and was in my car driving home when the rain came down. That was my backup plan.

Backup plan?

I didn’t really have a backup plan for this weekend, you just have to play it by ear. I admit I didn’t expect to lose my umbrella, I think I left it in a pub. I might call there and see if it was handed in, later. It is drizzling a little at the moment but it’s not even 9 o’clock yet, there is still time for the sun to come out before today’s big event.


The local newspaper gave the email address of the pictures desk and asked for photos of today’s event. My backup plan swung into action yesterday and I sent them pictures of yesterday’s event so today’s pictures if I get any will be a bonus, right?


I’ve been publicising today’s event through our local history page on Facebook  for months and so I hope we can at least meetup. It always seems to rain when I try to meet up with fellow amateur historians in the park. We were going to all dress in period costume too, but I’m not sure about that now. My clothes aren’t rainproof. It is a shame I don’t have a period pac-a-mac. The theme of yesterday’s event could have been ‘singing in the rain and today we could have had ‘lets face the music and dance…’ At least I have a backup plan of sorts and it starts with trying to find that brolly.

The Queen

I’m beginning to wonder if the Queen isn’t jinxed, I haven’t had much luck since 1953 and neither has the country for that matter. We used to have an empire. Remember that? We had industry and made things like tanks and ships, which came in handy to fight all the wars. Some are blaming the Tories for Britain’s decline and others the European Union. I quite like the 21st century, because I vaguely remember 1953. I’m grateful for modern technology, I think advances in toilet roll design has changed the way society thinks about itself, we have a softer approach to life. I do miss The Goons on a Sunday afternoon, though.

The Mayor

The mayor was supposed to be coming to open our party in the park, but we now have the deputy mayor arriving at 12 for the raising of the Union flag near the park gatehouse. Notice, I said the Union flag, it is only a Union Jack when raised on a ship. Anyway, the official opening of our shindig in the park is 12:30 and so my next backup plan is to arrive just before 12:30 and photograph that. That is to allow for the fact the pub might not open until 12 which will mean waiting until then before trying to retrieve my brolly.

As a back-up plan might go, I think mine is as well planned as it could be under the circumstances. At least I’ve had some luck this weekend, winning prizes on both tombola stalls. My photographs have been quite good too. Think positive and carry on, is a great backup plan.

That’s it for today. If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also check out yesterday’s pictures on my Facebook page.

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