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The Oak House #photography #art

I’ve been thinking about art this week. Many of those early photographers were artists and were fascinated by the new medium. Now many photographers specialise in fine art photography. I want to do an art project but I’m not quite sure what I want to do. I know that the images that I produce must elicit an emotional response from the viewers. I have a photograph printed on canvas on display in Wednesbury Art Gallery and that does produce a response. That artwork is called “Bluebells in the Hedgerow” and is in the Sandwell Art Trails exhibition. I hope you’ll vote for it if you visit the exhibition. I now want a work that is more than one image and I want more of a response than people simply liking it. I want people to relate to the images. I went to the Oak House at West Bromwich to take a few shots on Sunday and to get ideas.


Oak House Barns

This is the remodelled Oak House barns. They look very nice and are practical but I’m not sure if they are in keeping with the Oak House. The whole place was ‘improved’ with a lottery grant. Overall, I like it although I noticed a window in the Oak House itself that could have been repaired better.


Old and New

You can see old and new blended together here. Some genuine woodwork and some new woodwork. Does it matter that the new woodwork isn’t ‘genuine’? Not a bit. It gives people an experience, especially children. This has the look and feel of a barn.


Oak House Garden

I was really hoping to find some inspiration for my art project at the Oak House. What do you see in these images? I see buildings that have been restored to give visitors an experience and I see patterns, lots of patterns.


Oak House patterns

Now I see even more patterns. The Oak House is obviously a mass of patterns even the windows are leaded and patterned. The black and white exterior helps the camera to focus as it fixes on the difference between light and dark. In the foreground, we have the finer pattern of the gravel and the block paving gives us another carefully laid out pattern. The wall to the right adds to the perspective of the image and the bench offers yet another pattern.


Was I inspired by my visit to the Oak House? The simple answer is yes. There were patterns everywhere which make the images more interesting. Will I use any of those images for my art project? No, I will stay closer to home if I can. I want to give the viewers an experience. The Oak House gives visitors an experience, something to look at that will evoke an emotional response. I want images that people can relate to and I want patterns! I also came up with other ideas. The Sandwell Arts Trail does include the Oak House and there were pictures exhibited there. I think few people will see them and they were displayed in a fairly dark room. I want my images displayed in a variety of places, even outside so they need to be waterproof. My ‘Bluebells in the Hedgerow’ image combined an image with matching text and so I think I will do something similar for the project I’m planning. The images need a message that will provoke a response.

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