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It’s Sunday morning again and so once again I share my thoughts with you. This is what I do, I write and I also do social media and photography. I produce content and many of my friends who understand social media will know why content is king! Interaction is important on social media. People interact with their friends and on Facebook pages, they interact with the admins. I had to ban a couple of people from one Facebook page I am admin of yesterday and it was with deep regret. They waged a vendetta for over a year against me. If I have a disagreement with someone, I try to forget it and move on. Life is too short and hating people consumes you. Anyway, moving on, I have photography and art on my mind this week.

Considering objects of desire

Martin Parr

I watched an interview with Martin Parr on YouTube the other day where he describes his photographs as ‘crap’ and advises students to get out there and take loads of crap pictures. He has shot lots of pictures and video in the Black Country. It’s an interesting place! I hope to go out this afternoon and shoot loads of crap too, then pick out the gems. I think the light will improve but it will be cold and there won’t be quite enough light. If it is a bit dark, your camera will adjust to that or pop the flash up for more light. There are times though that you really need to take control of the camera. I took some photos on Tuesday and on one of the photos there was actually raindrops on my lens. The weather was awful. In those conditions, you really have to know how to set your camera for the photograph you want or you get dark, depressing photos. That is, of course fine, if you actually want dark, depressing shots.

From photography to art

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I am now moving my photography into the realm of art. Most people see my photos on a computer screen or a mobile phone. I want them to see them in a different way as prints and artwork. I’ve had to consider very carefully what I want and plan different shots. Doing research into getting the prints done has been difficult too. I think I know how I will have the photos printed but I still have to find a way to display them so people will see them. It is going to be a challenge. Giving yourself a challenge is punching above your weight. Someone suggested I stop doing that but expert opinion suggests this is exactly what I should do. I think it is what everyone should do. Don’t settle for being ordinary, try to be extraordinary. It is better to fail than not to have ever tried.

A cold light

The sky has cleared but it is a cold light and not a great one for photography. When I’ve finished this I’ll check the map and try to think of where I can go today. The theme for my art project is people, places and things. I’ll try to do one or two of the places today. I will be photographing a few people this week too but I still haven’t decided on the ‘things’. Maybe the ‘things’ can be objects of desire such as guitars and motor cars? Jewellery would make for interesting shots too.

Objects of desire

I think I’ve had a brainwave. I like this objects of desire idea. What other objects and things fit the description. This is how ideas develop, with a few words and then you expand the idea and then you accept the challenge. I need to make a list of objects of desire. Maybe I can ask people what they desire? I think many of them will choose the obvious ones like house and car but some people will be more adventurous and choose narrowboats and more unusual objects of desire so I can try to photograph those. Those photos might turn out to be the gems that stand out from all the crap!

That’s it for this week. I think I’ll end with a few photos from the archive. You can follow my blog by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links on my Facebook page.  A few gems:

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