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Officious irritants

Walsall Art Gallery inside - officious irritants post

When I took this photo my camera was on the wrong setting and the flash went off by accident. I was rightly advised not to use a flash in an art gallery because it fades the pictures. I wasn’t actually given a reason but it’s alright I knew the reason. Sometimes, though, there is no reason, they are just officious irritants. 

I photographed a statue in a hospital once and the security guard said photography wasn’t allowed because of patient confidentiality. What was irritating was the way he went on about it and seemed to enjoy exercising his authority. I photographed a fence and a field one day and a team of security guards came out to see what I was up to. The security guard at Warburton’s bakery was a bit officious too, I was photographing a sunset that time.

In the park

You have to be a little careful where children are concerned so when I was taking photographs of the kids playing rounders in the park I made sure it was from a distance and none of them would be recognised. I was still asked not to photograph them or use the photographs without approval. I explained that I was admin of the park’s Facebook page and wanted to show some activities. It didn’t help.

The most annoying  request was  I should  get written permission from everyone before I photograph them at a museum. I photographed mainly people involved in an event and members of the public who were in the photos had plenty of opportunities to avoid being photographed or object. It was actually a member of staff in the background of a photograph that caused the complaint. They take their own photos and they aren’t very professional, but anyway I no longer go there. I want to publicise local events but will always respect the rules or guidelines.

I  think it is the officious attitude of many councils especially Metropolitan councils that people object to as well. The same applies to the European Union. We need rules and guidelines but we need reasons for them and common-sense. We need to protect children, but will a photograph of them playing rounders really cause them harm? I would have thought one more responsible adult present would make them feel a little safer.

Officious irritants

I do find these officious irritants irritating. They are not genuine. They are as about as dishonest in attitude as the politicians on both sides of the referendum debate. They are full of their own importance and think we should accept their arguments not because they tell the truth but because they are oh so important.  I have run out of patience with disingenuous people. Pleases stop trying to convince me of things you don’t believe yourself.

Have you come across officious irritants? Tell me about it in the comment box. You can also follow this blog by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find more photographs, but not of kids playing rounders, on my Facebook page.

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