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The latest news concerns interest rates and a small rise is expected to be announced by the Federal reserve on the other side of the pond. I don’t think that will affect us very much in the UK but could indicate a UK rise next year. The other phenomenon in the news is something called Christmas.

The stock market was expecting a ‘Santa rally’ as people swarm to the shops to spend their hard earned, on imported junk. It seems they are hanging onto their money until the last minute to see how much they can afford. While inflation seems low, money is tight so people are trying to save money by not changing the car this year, having a cheaper holiday and spending less generally.

At least, the dull dreary weather we are experiencing will give us lower heating bills. The drop in demand for gas and electricity could mean suppliers will want prices raised, though. In the long run, we can’t win, can we? A white Christmas seems unlikely, but you never know. I have my snow shovel at the ready just in case. I’m not too bothered. If it snows on Christmas day, the roads will be quiet so I can go out in my multi-layered thermals and take some snowy photos for next year’s Christmas cards.

Tim Peake, the first official British astronaut,  has started his stay on the ISS (International Space Station). It’s unfortunate that the acronym for the space station is so similar to that of Islamic state. One thing he can be sure of, he won’t meet any Muslims up there. If all the oil money from the Middle east went into space research and building a space station, the world might have fewer wars and fewer problems.

I just checked with Spot the Station where the space station will pass over where I live. It will be visible for just 2 minutes if there is a gap in the cloud, which is very unlikely. I’ll stand outside pointing at the sky and mumbling space station until all the neighbours come out into the freezing cold and ask, where?

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