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One Love Photo Challenge #photography


One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or colour. Does it? People say they love all sorts of things these days and that includes all kinds of animals, food, celebrities and anything else they are obsessed with.

One Love

Yes, I’m doing what I ‘love’ writing and photography and responding to the WordPress photo challenge.  The topic this week is One Love. So why have I used a photo of an iconic bandstand in a Victorian Park in England?

The Black Country Brass Band

This bandstand is symbolic of cohesion in a community where people have a shared history, shared memories and many of those happy childhood memories are of playing in the park, a stone’s throw away from this bandstand. Yesterday, I tried to publicise an event that will take place here in June. The Black Country Brass Band will take to this Victorian Bandstand and take us back in time to those happy times when people would promenade around the park on a Sunday afternoon in their Sunday best clothes that they wore to church that day. Music supplied the atmosphere as the brass band played through the afternoon. The walk might have taken in a bowls match on the green in front of the pavilion. A couple might take tea in the pavilion or an ice cream on a hot day. They could relax on the veranda and enjoy tea, perhaps with biscuits or cake.

Unconditional Love

We often look through rose tinted glasses at the past when we felt safe and secure, perhaps because the love children feel seems unconditional. The park on a sunny afternoon seems idyllic now and  we yearn to recapture the essence of bygone days.

A bygone age

The bandstand is a symbol of that fantasy we have of better times long ago. We might relive them for an hour or two as we stroll through the park as our ancestors once did to the strains of music from a bygone age. This nostalgic yearning will bring the community a little closer together and rather than loving chocolate they might say that they love the community they live in and belong in.

Brunswick Park

So I think they will come to Brunswick park and stroll or even promenade to the strains of a brass band in June. Will it be as we imagine? Will there be fine ladies twirling their parasols and gentlemen in top hats. No, I don’t think so, but maybe we can conjure up a different kind of magic to foster a little community love? At least, the promise of an event has fired people’s imaginations. I’ll just try to capture the magic with my camera.

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