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Online bargain hunting saves money #thrifty

I do a lot of online bargain hunting and shopping online is very popular. Even Poundland has a website that takes orders online. They have a 50p event on at the moment and in the stores, they are selling of Christmas goodies for just 25p!

online bargain


Amazon is one of the most popular places to shop online and they have their daily deals that can be worth looking through. If you’re logged in, deals will be matched to your previous purchases. I’m a photographer and so one deal on the site for me this morning is a set of camera filters. The video camera that attached to the car windscreen is also matched to previous purchases. There is also a bottle of single malt whisky. They know me far too well…


EBay is another good shopping destination for online bargain hunting. They know what I like too and presents me with a page full of camera lenses! They also have that set of filters which appear to be the same as the Amazon deal. There is a bigger selection on eBay but I already have the set of Cokin filters and I prefer the screw in ones anyway. EBay also has lots of used goods and used camera equipment can be a real bargain. I just saw a Nikon Speedlight for a fraction of the new price.

Online bargain?

If you are looking for something really unusual try searching for it on Google. Google recognises keywords and so bear that in mind when you enter your search terms. Google ignores words that don’t tell it anything about what you want. If you want a history book on London. Your keywords are history, book, London.  I found Historic London: An Explorer’s Companion and Google books has a review to help me decide if it is the book for me.

As always when you are shopping around, look for value for money. If you would like to discover more ideas by subscribing to this blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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