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Online shopping for bargains #thrifty

Bargains online

One of the first things I check before shopping online is the delivery costs. I checked out Home Bargains this morning and their delivery costs seemed reasonable but large items cost 7.99 to deliver so consider that before you order. There is only one parcel charge per order but realise your order could be split into two parcels, that is true for other online suppliers too.

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Pound shops online

Even the pound shops are online now and selling goods by the case too. Poundland still dominates the pound shop experience. Standard delivery from Poundland is £5. Poundshop delivery is only 3.75 and is free for orders £35 and over. Poundshop has very similar products to Poundland so check them out.


Discounter Aldi now sells their special buys online and they have good products in certain categories. For example, tools are very good and so are electrical goods. I’m not quite so keen on their clothing. Lidl has a website too, but only offer information on what is in store.  B & M is the same, window shop on the website but then shop in the store.


Amazon is the heavyweight when it comes to online shopping not only selling their own stock but fulfilling orders for other companies. They even take orders for companies in China and Hong Kong. Many products offer free delivery and generally speaking they don’t quibble about returns. They are not always the cheapest but do have a lot of bargains. They have daily deals too. The deal that interested me was a jump starter and battery pack today. It seems very powerful for its size and might be worth buying to charge your phone in an emergency or provide auxiliary power. It charges at 1A and so would take some time to recharge based on the specifications.


I have lost money buying on EBay in the past but it seems much better now and again many suppliers are based in China and Hong Kong. You might have to wait several weeks for delivery when ordering from China via EBay or Amazon. As always with shopping, the rule is ‘buyer beware’. You can search Ebay for what you want and you often find what you’re looking for.


I’m quite used to Matalan sizes, except for shoes and so I do sometimes buy online but it is better to check out the goods online and then buy in-store. The same applies to most online retailers selling clothing.

Over £100?

If you’re spending over £100, you can get a little extra protection for your purchase by paying with your credit card.  That is useful for the larger items that can be at a big discount online.

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