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Online shopping can save you money and you can even buy from overseas. I’ve saved hundreds of pounds on my camera and lenses. You can also shop around for energy deals and insurance deals on a comparison site.


Amazon is probably one of the biggest online retailers and not only sell their own products but also fulfill orders for other retailers. You have to watch out for delivery costs when you choose goods supplied through Amazon and you don’t usually find out what they are until you are ready to pay at the checkout. The goods from other retailers selling through Amazon aren’t always good quality either. I ordered shoes and they had been reduced to about half price, but when they arrived, they weren’t the quality I expected. They were marked size 9 but the real size was much smaller, maybe size 7 that had been given the wrong size marking. That is the problem with buying clothes and footwear online. Returns with Amazon are usually easy, but this time, it was more complicated so I still started the returns process through Amazon. Hopefully, the retailer will now send me a label to do the return. I might have to get someone to print it, though! The rest of my order should be fine but you never know, goods can be faulty as well as the wrong size.


Electronic goods can be faulty but they are usually the safer goods to buy online. If you know exactly what you will be getting they are a safe bet. There are some goods that can be hard to find in the shops and an online search will often find what you want. Again Amazon is one of the biggest online suppliers and Ebay comes close too. You have to be careful with Ebay, many of the suppliers are quite reputable but you can get ripped off with faulty goods or even no goods at all.

Over 100 pounds

If you’re spending over £100 then use a credit card for the extra protection that the Consumer Credit Act gives.


You can shop online for food at the major supermarkets and that can be useful. They deliver and that can save you time. I had a delivery last year of a few items from Asda that was ordered by a graduate that  I had helped who did the order online from Shanghai!

Click and collect

Many retailers like Matalan allow you to order online and then collect at the store. I don’t really see the point but it might save you some time. If you are visiting Matalan you can check the goods and check sizes and that is the main advantage of not buying online.  Often for quality, you need to see before you buy and so shop in-store. Some well-known names have quality control and so you know what you’re buying without actually seeing the product. You have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and look at the returns policy and other terms and conditions.

I hope today’s post has given you some money saving ideas. Tomorrow it will be investment ideas. If you would like to follow this blog and receive an email each time I post, just enter your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter. You can also find more ideas and images on my Facebook page.

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