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Open day in West Bromwich #photography

Great Barr Photographic society open day

Open day

I went to the open day of Great Barr Photographic Society on Sunday and got to look at their studio equipment. I even ended up on the other side of the camera and had a portrait  photo taken which I’ve used on the home page. An open day is a good time to visit but they also have an exhibition in May. The exhibition will take place on 19th May 2016 and will be held at their club room from 7.30 pm at Gayton Road community centre.

West Bromwich

The Gayton Road community centre is in West Bromwich and not far from Sandwell hospital in All Saints Way; there is car parking at the rear. I won’t use the photos of the members, they aren’t that good! I find I need my professional flash for harsh fluorescent light and I didn’t take it with me. Anyway, the society welcomes new members and they meet each Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Learner driver on open road

After my visit to the open day, I drove around taking shots with my new 35mm prime lens. A new lens takes a little getting used to and I have to work out which shots it will be best for. This shot shows it can do a good landscape, it’s light and fast and so also suitable for street photography. I did find there was some background blur even at narrow apertures in some shots.

PHOTO (83)

I pointed my camera out of the car window for a lot of shots and with a short light lens took the shots really quickly. This one has a lot of detail and seems in focus and so I think some of the blur I’ve seen is because of movement combined with a slow shutter speed. I was shooting on aperture priority and so on some shots, the shutter speed was slower than I imagined. Because the light was changing I had ISO on auto for a few shots and the camera was adjusting that up and down too.

PHOTO (58)

I took a few shots of this street scene. It’s Brunswick Terrace in Wednesbury and on the right you can see Squires Walk leading up to Lovers Walk that goes across the top. You can just see the blades of the windmill on the right of the picture. This was with the 35mm prime lens again.

If your local photographic society has an open day, it is worth paying them a visit and learning more about photography which is a science and an art.

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