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Opportunities and risk #finance #investments

Personal finance and investing are about opportunities and risk. I look for investment opportunities and try to assess the risk. Life is about looking for opportunities. Different people look for different things but we all look for opportunities. My investments are up about 2% this month and so I’m quite happy with that but the AIM shares can soar upwards at any time.


Waiting for news

I’m waiting for news from Solo Oil regarding its investments in Tanzania and here in the UK. The share price could soar on just a little good news. At the moment I am just about breaking even but the price has gone up throughout this month as small investors anticipate progress in Tanzania. The development at Horse Hill awaits planning permission, the decision is imminent and in Tanzania, there are a number of developments expected. We also have a trading statement due that will spell out how gas sales have affected the balance sheet.

Immupharma finished another trial of its innovative drug this week and that was greeted with muted enthusiasm. The day when it has a licence for production draws ever nearer and it could then launch the company into a major pharmaceutical or more likely we could see a takeover of some kind. Verona Pharma is in a similar situation.

Well-known names

The well-known names like Lloyds Banking Group, ITV, Debenhams and the AA have all suffered because of political uncertainty. Everything from splits in the government to North Korea threatening to test a hydrogen bomb has taken its toll. We just have to wait for things to calm down a little.


When risks are higher there are always opportunities but it can be difficult to decide how to take advantage of the situation. Banking seems a good bet with rumours of rising interest rates rife. It seems likely the Federal Reserve will raise rates before the end of the year and the Bank of England is sure to follow but how long will they delay? My bet is that UK rates will rise early next year but they could delay until the spring. Is it too early to invest in banking? We have seen oil price futures creep up this week and the pound has appreciated a little against the dollar. There could be opportunities there if the trend continues.

The trends

There are a number of trends but the interesting one I’ve noticed is in retail with people shopping less. This has shown in the footfall figures for major shopping centres. This could indicate that people are shopping less on the run-up to Christmas and saving their money. Last year, the Christmas rush came late and who might benefit from that this year? Overall, I think people will spend less on Christmas and so the stores selling expensive items like electronic goods could see a like for like fall in sales while supermarkets see an increase as consumers pick up Christmas gifts with their weekly shopping.

That’s all for this week. I think there are always investment opportunities on the stock market but at the moment I don’t see a good opportunity for me. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links and more ideas on my Facebook page.

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