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Our lives matter #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you.  Like most people, I have concerns about the pandemic. According to the Guardian, the government has a “classified document” that lists the worst coronavirus outbreaks in England. I assume it has lists for Wales and Scotland too. I suspected that we weren’t being told everything and I was right.

lives matter

Local Director of Public Health

Where I live, the local Director of public health has had problems getting information from central government. They sent her a spreadsheet with information about local outbreaks but the field where it should have been the location of the outbreak said “null”. The government needs to allow local government to control the virus at a local level and give them full support. It seems local outbreaks are mainly in hospitals and care homes with some outbreaks in workplaces.


As always on a Sunday, I intend to do some photography. I’m still photographing my food but I need to go out and get some exercise and wander around taking photos. The weather has improved and although it was chilly when I got up this morning we do have sunshine. I’ll watch out for corner shops and pubs to photograph today and anything else interesting that catches my eye.

Social distancing

Now the lockdown is over I have to try to keep a distance from people. It’s not easy but I have kept people over a metre away. I might wear a mask today if I’m likely to come close to anyone. The advice we have received hasn’t always been accurate. How does the virus spread? Large droplets, smaller droplets that can travel farther or aerosol that can linger in the air. It seems no one knows for sure. It’s likely that aerosol can linger in the air in enclosed spaces.  This would explain why transmission has been affecting people in care homes and housekeeping staff in hospitals. I doubt if the housekeeping staff had proper PPE. Perhaps they should wear t-shirts emblazoned with “Our lives matter”?

Our lives matter

Of course, our lives matter. Not just black lives matter. Last night, I saw a video about the Band-Aid concert on TV. People cried when they saw children starving and dying in Africa. We need to get things into proportion. People in developing countries are being hit much harder by the coronavirus than we are. The America-first doctrine of President Trump is downright selfish and the Britain-first attitude of the far-right is not anything decent people want anything to do with. Their finger-pointing at the Chinese nation is just as abhorrent. They love to spread their rumours and poison. We must remember Live-Aid when Britain showed that it is a nation with a heart. The far-right is a callous stain on our nation’s dignity.

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