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Out at the weekend #photography #art #Wednesbury

I was out at the weekend taking photos. The Sandwell Arts Trail was supposed to be launched and I have a picture in that so I popped down to Wednesbury art gallery. The exhibition wasn’t launched and so I wandered around photographing the gallery with a particular interest in the design of the gallery. I like diffused natural light for my photographs and I think the paintings in the gallery look better in diffused natural light too. The light on the landing comes in through frosted glass skylights and makes it look great. It is perfect light for photography too.

the weekend


The colour scheme is great too and reflects the light perfectly. Many of the painting have darkened with age and so need a lot of light for visitors to be able to see them properly.



In this picture you can see why the room in bathed with light and there were very few shadows. The Victorians really knew what they were doing when they designed this gallery. The ornate design is not only practical it gives the gallery prestige. In the long galleries those amazing skylights are covered over and I made a simple mistake. It is so dark I used my pop-up flash because I was too idle to take out a Speedlight. I also forgot to remove the lens hood which gave me dark shadows at the bottom of all the pictures!



As I went back out in the sunshine I saw this shot and it has plenty of depth and colour but look at the dark shadows that we always get with really bright sunshine.



Morrison’s supermarket is opposite the art gallery in Wednesbury and it is a distinctive building. Notice the litter bin, it gives the image a bit of depth.



The art gallery and museum is a short walk from the Midland Metro stop at Great Western Street in Wednesbury and as I had some sunshine I took advantage of it to take more photos of the Metro. Again, notice the dark shadows. They are not a big problem in this picture but if you’re photographing people the one side of their face can be in shadow and then you can use a flash even on a sunny day.

Out at the weekend

I was out at the weekend looking for more places to take landscape photos and on Sunday I drove down Sandwell Valley and took a few on the bridleway. I also looked around Walsall for interesting scenes. I often choose the canals and sometimes catch narrowboats navigating the locks as they go through Tipton. There are lots of interesting places around the Black Country.

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