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Out of the frying pan #politics

So Theresa May is giving up and waiting to hand over power to a new leader, but who? I think if it’s bumbling Boris it could be a case out of the frying pan and into the fire! Iain Duncan-Smith had his chance at the leadership but he has all the charm of a rattlesnake. Could pompous Jacob Rees-Mogg take the reins? I doubt if he would be popular with more moderate Tories so they will be stuck to find anyone with the authority to take over. Brexit is a shambles so who would want the job? I feel a little sorry for Theresa May, she tried to clean up a mess created by Cameron.

out of the frying pan

Out of the frying pan

Local politics are in turmoil too as Labour continue their witch hunt against certain councillors and MP’s. I suspect this is all coming from that party within a party, Corbyn’s Momentum. Tom Watson defied Corbyn and as Corbyn as now reached a status similar to sainthood within the party. His followers have launched a campaign at a local level to try to get rid of the more moderate Tom Watson. Tom Watson has come out against the sleeper factory at Bescot together with two councillors. There are accusations they colluded in leasing land to Network Rail but that was before the council knew the full extent of Network Rail’s plans.

A future prime minister?

Councillors are now putting their objections to the development in writing and three more have issued a written statement of support for the campaign to stop the sleeper factory. This isn’t just a statement against the sleeper factory. They are publicly stating that they are on the side of the people and standing with the community. Councillors that fail to stand on the side of the people are the ones we should worry about and the same can be said of members of parliament. I think if the local Labour party get rid of Tom Watson that will be another case of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ for the people of West Bromwich East. I see him as a potential leader of the Labour party and he would do a good job. He might even be a future prime minister.

Right and left

There are factions in the Conservative party that are ultra right-wing and they are pushing for power and the same applies in Labour where the ultra left-wing Momentum have a gained the leadership but find most members of parliament are moderates and at a local level, most councillors are pragmatic moderates. How do you get rid of all the moderates so your extremism gets through? You adopt bully boy tactics and you ignore the rules and you become downright nasty.  The Conservatives right-wing symbolised by Jacob Rees-Mogg have their secretive meetings of the European Research Group. Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum has their secretive meetings plotting against Labour stalwarts across Britain. These are extreme political groups that have infiltrated established mainstream parties and they need to be dealt with by the majority of politicians on both sides of the political divide.

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