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Out to destroy me #life

Money seems to dominate life these days but there are more important things. A local politician used the words, “out to destroy me” recently regarding a political opponent. It was, of course, their reputation that they fear will be destroyed. One’s reputation and good name is a thing of great value and more important than money and it can so easily be destroyed by gossip and rumours, especially these days, with the internet and social media providing mass communication.

out to destroy me


When someone actively tries to damage us we should have recourse to the law. We should be able to sue for damages. We should be able to bring before a court, evidence of libel, slander or claim online harassment. It’s not that easy, though, is it? Justice like democracy has become far removed from the people it serves. Centralisation is to blame. We no longer have friendly policemen that everyone is familiar with and trust. Policing is now centralised miles away and local police stations appear to lie idle.

Out to destroy me

Out to destroy me, might sound like an exaggeration to many people but when you’re in the public eye, that can be a real fear. I have seen a number of local politicians have their reputations destroyed in the past few years as a local activist stirs up trouble by dividing and to some extent conquering the local establishment. The general reaction to attacks has been secrecy and the development of a siege mentality.


When I was attacked by this internet troll, I made my reply public and I simply pointed out an irrefutable error in his protestations. He is obsessive and so doesn’t check facts and creates in his twisted mind, scenarios that align with his prejudices. Any reaction to such obsessive people should be calm and well thought out. He hasn’t published anything else about me in the last couple of weeks and so I think my reaction was the right one.

This phenomenon of people having their own prejudices that drive their behaviour isn’t confined to this local activist. It is also true of many local politicians and if we look at national politics and even international politics, we see the same thing. Donald Trump was laughed at when he spoke to the UN General Assembly this week. I found the delivery of his speech amateurish. He did, however, say many things that I agreed with. His reputation has been attacked by the press since day one of his presidency but he survives. I think he is an amateur politician but he seems to be having some successes. Cutting corporation tax does make American companies more competitive. We have seen the same sort of attacks levelled against Jeremy Corbyn, but again much of what he says I agree with. I dislike the way his supporters infiltrate Labour groups and become obsessive about socialist ideals. It is that obsessiveness that I find disturbing but we shouldn’t dismiss popularist ideas.

I’m sure the words, out to destroy me, have crossed Donald Trump’s mind when he reads what the press say about him. Who can argue that the press damaged Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation in the early days?  I’m sure, out to destroy me crossed his mind too and maybe still does. We might not be world leaders, but our reputations are still of great value to us, our families and our friends.

That’s all for this week. I hope I have given you something to consider. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts.

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