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Outside the box #finance

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know my finances have been going through a rough time this year. My investments aren’t making me money. One of the disasters that stuck was the collapse of Carillion and things have been going downhill ever since. I do try to invest in a diverse way so I still have enough money for everything I need. I can’t yet afford the new camera that I want but my photos still look good. We sometimes have to think outside the box when we are thinking about finance and identify our goals.

thinking outside the box

Outside the Box

I have many goals but one goal is an exhibition of my photographs. I’m now involved with an arts festival and I have entered an art competition which should see one of my pictures exhibited soon. I’m investing in my skill as a photographer as well as my skills as a social media manager. I’m attracting the right sort of attention.


You can invest in many small ways. Even having a freezer full of food is an investment. It cuts down the need for so many shopping trips. I wasn’t too well this week and so didn’t need to go shopping because I can live out my food cupboard and freezer, although I am missing my fresh fruit.


Most people’s lifestyle is habitual, we shop at the same place every week, open a beer at the same time every evening and these habits make life easier but sometimes we need to think and take stock. As we think outside the box we can decide to change the habitual behaviour and choose a behaviour that will enhance our lives, an investment for the future. It might be something as simple as planting out the garden for a colourful display sometime in the future. It might be a simple phone call that will bring about change. There are many different kinds of investment. The object of investment is to make our future better.


You might think that you lack opportunities. Your job doesn’t offer you any chance of promotion? Make an opportunity and maybe even think way outside the box and consider improving your life outside of your job. Invest in your weekends instead. Always be mindful of what is happening around you. I tend to photograph it and so maybe I see more than most people. Through the lens of a camera, I see things that look great and I see the grime and the peeling paint too. Sometimes, you just have to make things look good.

That’s all for this week. I hope I have inspired you to stop and think for a while. If you would like to follow my blog and read more ideas just enter your email address at the top the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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