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Pandemic: changes in behaviour. #FinanceFriday

There were changes in behaviour during 2020 as we adjusted to the pandemic. There was a rush to buy games consoles as people needed to keep themselves amused. The pubs closed and so more alcoholic drinks were sold in supermarkets. Holidays and even day trips were put on hold. We adapted by using services like Zoom to have meetings and stayed in touch using our phones. Some of this new behaviour will stick and we might get used to video meetings and maybe even drink more at home instead of the pub. Many people must have found it hard carrying beer home too and perhaps switched to wine or even a tot of something stronger with their beer.

changes in behaviour

Lockdown hoarding

We are still in lockdown but large companies will be monitoring behavioural change and trying to capitalise on it. I have found that I put more and more things on my grocery order for delivery. I’ve added towels, tea cloths, greetings cards and photo frames for my photography. I can’t get everything from the supermarket but what Asda doesn’t stock I can usually get on Amazon. I’m adapting to doing more online shopping and I’m sure many more people are too. The pandemic has made me more of a hoarder too and I keep a stock of all sorts of things in. My food cupboard overflowed! My freezer is constantly well stocked and although I don’t drink much now, I have enough beer and wine to last months!


I also bought a games console and a few games. I have spent hours playing Grand Theft Auto and I have also subscribed to Amazon Prime for more films and TV programmes too. I do get a little frustrated with the games and TV. The games can be really hard to master at first and I don’t have the patience I used to have. There are virtually no instructions to get you started and some aren’t very good. You don’t find out if they are worth the money until after you’ve bought them. I need to talk to my friends and get recommendations! The TV with Amazon prime isn’t great either but I do get backups for my photos and Prime delivery for my shopping too.

Changes in behaviour

These changes in behaviour are going to affect jobs and investments. They have already created lots of new jobs delivering shopping for the supermarkets. I think we will see some small businesses closing as a result of the change in shopping habits and maybe some new businesses opening up. We have funding in Wednesbury to improve the High Street and I’ve already heard of some new businesses looking to open in Wednesbury and a few have closed down. I actually think we could be moving in the right direction, albeit slowly.


The market is important in Wednesbury and we should see it moving to a new position. I hope we can help the market with a cultural programme. I’m more interested in the stock markets at the moment though. The London stock market is down this morning. Data is actually streamed to my computer and it’s not accurate this morning but it seems the market is down around 0.5%. This is following on from news that markets in Asia were subdued in the last session. Yesterday’s news from the central banks didn’t help the markets either. I’m still optimistic as a small investor and I did well investing when shares were cheap. I bought Barclay’s at 91.06 and this morning they are 181.72. I can’t complain at a 99.56% increase! I did well buying BP and Shell too as the oil price increased. Lloyd’s Banking Group hasn’t done quite as well as I expected but it’s early days. My investments via the eToro platform are more than 20% up in dollar-terms and are now in profit in sterling-terms too but a modest 6%. I am learning a lot from investing on that platform. I even have an investment in cryptos! Maybe my Ripple (XRP) will soar like BTC and make me rich! I’m about 50% up, so you never know…


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